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The Hidden Kitchen – Japanese Supper Club

The Hidden Kitchen Dinning, The Masonic Lodge, St Andrews lodge, St Ives, TR26 1AH.

Once again we had an enjoyable evening at The Hidden Kitchen, St Ives.  We joined owner James the for their Japanese Supper Club where guest Chef Naoko created an evening of authentic Japanese food, with 5 course’s we got to try some amazing creations. The Hidden Kitchen is a unique space for dinning in.   With a shared table of 16, its an opportunity to meet new people and share the experience of Naoko’s Japanese menu. Full of flavours, fragrant and light to fish inspired dishes and not forgetting her show stopping Wagyu beef that was enjoyed by all!  Its well worth a visit. I myself am looking forward to booking up again to enjoy James menu as I haven’t yet tried his foods but it has been highly recommend!

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St.Ives Basket Bags

Baskets with St.Ives hand painted on them,  are going to be hot this summer…I have mine ready for shopping and beach days! For details of how to hold of one and prices go to Bijou and Crumble on Facebook and see their full range or contact Ruth on 07712187979.

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Water sports 

If you fancy  a bit of water sports, there are a few options depending on your activity. Surfing and body boarding you are best to be on the Porthmeor Beach.  The St Ives Surf School is situated here, you can book lessons here or hire surf boards and suits. There is some of the best expertise in the surf industry at Porthmeor, you can get some real surfing taught to you at its best.

Or head over to Carbis Bay beach where you will find Ocean sports centre,  an excellent water sports centre.  Here you can hire stand up paddle boards, canoes, kayaks, you can even go on a  hawaiian canoe experience, we hired his on my birthday and had a great time, Glyn our skipper  of the hawaiian canoe took us to a secret cove, he is a very experienced water man and we felt really safe in his hands.  They also run a kids club during the summer months. Check out their website for more exciting water sports and all the up to date info.

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Dogs, you can’t get enough of them, and dog lovers who can’t bare to leave their beloved pets at home, don’t worry as St.Ives has a number of places accepting dogs.

We always take our dogs out with us as we love enjoying time with them and them enjoying themselves. What we do is we take our dogs down to town and walk them around, find a nice coffee shop or somewhere to have lunch. After that we walk them across the harbour but not in high season months because of jurisdictions.

These are the beach times:

Seasonal dog ban applies: Dogs are banned from the first Sunday before Easter and 30th September on Porthmeor, Porthminster and Porthgwidden. Carbis Bay beach you are allowed between 5am and 8am, still complying with the seasonal dog ban below. You are allowed on the harbour before 8am and after 7pm from the Sunday before Easter until the 30th of September each year.

Main places dogs can go

Firehouse – dogs are allowed downstairs and don’t worry you can still have a meal downstairs.

Superdry – a shop on Fore Street


One reason why we brought our dogs to Cornwall was the fact we could go walking with them across the luscious landscape of fields and mystery and the salty sea air of beach walking. If your dog loves walking then this is the place for them. Miles of new smells, footpaths and acres of sand for them to enjoy.

In St.Ives there is a restricted ban on certain beaches due to the popularity of it. In the third paragraph if this text. If we can’t walk the dogs in St.Ives in the high season then we head further round the peninsula where dogs are allowed on at least a miles worth of beach all year round. This beach is Portkidney and so happens has coastal walk from St.Ives to get to it. ( If you do not want to lose your parking space, trust me it will go.) It is a lovely coastal walk going to this beach. You pass Porthminster and Carbis bay until you get to Porthkidney. It is an hours walk of shear beauty. To get the walk started you need to be at the place the Lifeboat is kept, and that slipway is the way you want  to go. You follow this all the way up to the Pend Olva hotel. Pass this to go round the back of Porthminster. At this point there should be a kiosk and  a restaurant. There is some steps ton the right just past this. Head up these steps and make sure you always stay heading away from St.Ives. You should make your way to Carbis bay and what you want to do hear is follow the path through the hotel and make your way up the hill. Near to the top of the hill is a left foot path take this route and don’t take any other route and keep following this foot path round. Going round the headland there should be some marsh land path running parallel with the railway track. As soon as you reach to being at the top of the beach, take any path you like to it or make your own.

Another walk which is a hefty one is the Tin  Miners walk. This was traditionally walked by workers heading to and throw from St.Ives and it is a long a coastal path for seven mile. This walk features some of the most iconic Cornish views heading all the way out to Zennor. To get on the footpath you have to head past the beach of Porthmeor a long the top by the road. You should see a bowls club or pitch and put. Here follow this foot path running parallel with them. Should come a rock in The shape of a mans head this what you need to get whilst following the footpath. Follow the rest of the footpath beyond this and if you do you will make it to Zennor. Zennor has a small pub which you can stop at in preparation for the walk home or if not the bus home that goes through Zennor.






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Things to do in St.Ives

Things to do in St.Ives


One of the most favourite things to do in St.Ives, is go to the beach and set up a camp there all day long until the sun goes down.

All the beaches have a different vibe, (see beach guide) depending what you are planning to do… quite often one beach may be windy where another is a sun trap!

Water sports 

If you fancy  a bit of water sports, there are a few options depending on your activity. Surfing and body boarding you are best to be on the Porthmeor Beach.  The St Ives Surf School is situated here,  You can book lessons here or hire surf boards and suits.

Or head over to Carbis Bay beach where you will find Ocean sports centre,  an excellent water sports centre.  Here you can hire stand up paddle boards, canoes, kayaks, you can even go on a  hawaiian canoe experience, we hired his on my birthday and had a great time, Glyn our skipper  of the hawaiian canoe took us to a secret cove, he is a very experienced water man and we felt really safe in his hands.  They also run a kids club during the summer months. Check out their website for more exciting water sports and all the up to date info.

Get the kit- wet suit hire/purchase

There are a few surf shops in St Ives that you can buy of hire wet suits from.

However, we always use Off The Beaten Track, situated on fore street, these guys have always given us a good honest service, they really take time to fit the wet suits properly. An excellent shop to hire or purchase wetsuits and boards from. they will always do group or family deals too.  Off the Beaten Track, 2A Fore Street, St.Ives.

My sons recently bought a boards here last summer, they have had heaps of fun on them and they will last for years.

These are the charges that they apply. (Feb 2017)

The charges Daily and Weekly are:

D    W

Summer Suits –    £5   £25

Winter Suits –       £8   £35

Surfboards are:

Soft boards –         £10  £45

Bodyboard –          £5    £25


Boat Trips

There are a range of boats  trips that run out of St Ives, along the harbour you will find  a few companies that offer boat trips. What ever your trip, don’t forget to look out for dolphin pods!

Go see the seals 

This boat trip goes round the back of the harbour and passes the Porthmeor beach along the rocky Cornish cast line to the home of the Grey Atlantic seals, here they bask in the sunshine on what has been named seal Island!

Fishing Trips

As well as the seal trips their are a range of fishing trips, from mackerel fishing to wreck or deep sea fishing to chartering your own boat.  You will need to booking these trips as these trips are very popular with budding fishers!

Self Drive & Rib Rides 

If fishing or seal watching is not your thing how about a driving your own boat or even getting the adrenalin pumping with a rib ride?

Boat Companies

Pitch and Put at Porthminster & Porthmeor

If you don’t fancy yourself as a beach goer, you can head over to Porthminster beach, or Porthmeor beach at Clodgy, and set yourself up for a round of golf over looking the beautiful beaches and sea.


St.Ives is a bustling town in the summertime full of people shopping and browsing the streets in order to find clothes, gifts, arts and crafts, or souvenirs to take back home.

The main shopping Street is Fore Street, but the shops bars and cafes are spread out far more than just Fore Street. What I love about St Ives is there is so much to explore around the cobbled streets and alleys. You will find individual gift shops, galleries, arts and crafts clothing shops, boutiques, glass shops, antiques and furniture shops. Not to forget the all important fudge and confectioners shops. Also there is a big Mountain Wearhouse that is packed with seasonal clothing, this is really handy. Another handy place is Boots on the way into to town, and another chemist on Fore Street. Don’t worry about cash you will find loads of banks. And your freshly morning baked bread is produced at various bakers dotted around St.Ives.

You can always find something unique to buy, surfer hoodies are a must, along with some local Art or craft to take home.


Art Courses in St. Ives 

At the St.Ives school of painting you will find  various courses, including drop in Life drawing sessions. see their website for short course, weekenders and more.


Galleries and Museums

A main attraction to St.Ives is its Art culture, that has through History thrived upon the beautiful landscape.

St.Ives has a array of galleries, from The Tate, to the smaller Galleries selling Artists works.  Artists all conveying their perspective of St Ives, how the light and space has inspired  them to create amazing pieces.  Galleries in St ives offer a range of  Art works with studies beyond St Ives and using a range of media, processes and disciplines,  So if you are after that one of piece or commission you are in the right place.

The Tate gallery 

Over looking the famous Porthmeor Surf beach, the Tate Gallery is a must to visit, for exhibitions and events visit their website. The Tate gallery is an excellent place to get your holidays worth of local art. It features a lot of exhibitions with a amazing artwork.

There are also tours for it so you can discover that art movement that started in St.Ives while being a small fishing village.

Barbara Hepworth

 She was a famous sculpturist, that moved to St Ives with her young family at the outbreak of war. She lived here for the rest of her life.   The Barbara Hepworth Museum is in the centre of town,  just off Fore street, Barnoon Hill, St Ives TR26 1AD.  This was her actual studio and home. It is a Sculpture Garden and Museum.  Its definitely one of my top things to do in St Ives. Tickets for the Tate and Hepworth Museum can be bought together.

The history of St.Ives is also fascinating. You can visit the St.Ives Museum which is close to the access of Bamaluz and in there you will find everything you need to know, from a small fishing town to tourist heaven.

Leach Gallery

This is up by the top of St.Ives. It was a famous  Pottery production place where Bernard produced pottery and other sculpture pieces. However I have been up there for a session on making pottery with my kids which was a enjoyable experience. You will find it if you head to the bus top on the edge of the main town by bot Co-operatives. Then you can head up to the top of the hill past the surgery and forestation until you reach the Leach pottery.


Go Karting

Just out of St. Ives a 5 minute drive from St.Ives, in Hayle. As you take the route out of St.Ives and head towards the lower road to Hayle past the estuary, yo will see a road on your right. If you head up this road you will find the Go Karting track. This is the Go Karting track.  It has different Karts depending on age and height, and its a fun activity, as a family we love a trip here.

Cornwall Gardens

Cornwall hosts a fantastic amount of gardens to visit, all constructed under the precision of great gardeners with real talent. We have visited The Eden project, probably one of the most famous gardens in Cornwall, consisting of tropical and summer flowerings. It is a great day out as their are loads of things to enjoy as a family. This is in St.Austell a 50 minute drive. But not to worry if this is too far their are many close by. Head over to

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Food and Drink

St.Ives has a lot of restaurants, cafes and kiosks to choose from,  to suit all tastes and different food fancies. All the restaurants produce  high quality food for you to enjoy after your days activity. A fond memory of mine was when we came off of the beach packed up, tired and in need of a good wash. We would make our way back to our snug cottage like camels, even the kids were holding things. We would hop in the shower (kids first of course) wash all the sand out our feet. Then we would get ready to hit the town in search of some good food,  or head to a restaurant that we had already booked.  A good piece of advice is to book  in advance even before your holiday starts, because during high season it can be hard to get a table. St.Ives is becoming ever more popular with everyone wanting to eat out. To secure a good place to eat then I recommend booking before hand.


Firehouse Bar & Grill                                                            27 Fore Street, ST. Ives TR26 1AB 

Dog friendly downstairs

With a friendly and welcoming atmosphere, The firehouse serves lunches and evening meals with an all day bar.  Their menu has a  range of: chargrilled steaks, pizzas, burgers, chicken and the odd veggie option.

Downstairs is a Gin & Cocktail bar and eating area and upstairs is the main restaurant. It is located in the heart of Fore Street, the main shopping Street close to the St La church end.

SEAFOOD CAFE                                                                         45 Fore St, Saint Ives TR26 1HE

The Seafood Cafe is a restaurant towards the middle of Fore Street, accessible from steps that lead  up from the harbour or along the main High Street.

Serving lunch and evening meals, The seafood cafe has a large range of fish, from sumptuous St.Ives Bay Mackerel to succulent Ray Wing, however they also do a selection of Cornish meats and free range poultry.

To order you have to go up to the counter and pick what you would like cooked form the display cabinets, choose your vegetables, salads and potatoes and then your sauce. Open for lunch and dinner;  there is a 5.30 sitting for families to have a meal if they have young children, and a later sitting if your not an early bird.

Porthgwidden Beach Cafe                 Porthgwidden Beach, St. Ives, Saint Ives TR26 1PL

Porthgwidden beach Cafe is a picturesque restaurant located above the Porthgwidden beach. It has a wide selection of fine food to tackle your tasted buds. The thing about this restaurant that makes the time there all the better, is sitting on a balcony area outside with a structure around you to conceal you from the elements. Except the cold. However there are blankets and heaters. I mean even a little bit of cold weather won’t beat eating your dinner while looking at the sea.

Porthmeor Cafe.                                                                 Porthmeor Beach, Saint Ives TR26 1JZ

Porthmeor Cafe is a haven for eating delicious food in the comfort of watching the waves roll onto the beach. It has an inside and outside and has a really nice menu. We went there for my sons birthday and we enjoyed the food. The food selection has a wide selection of creative tapas dishes and delightful deserts also cooking up a mean Thai Curry. This is a good restaurant to go to during the summer to catch the views.

Porthminster Beach Cafe             Porthminster Beach, Carbis Bay, Saint Ives TR26 2EB

Porthminster is the beach opposite the harbour. Porthminster beach cafe is a lovely place to enjoy the sand right at your level with the sea off into the distance. The menu is a bit different, but produces some tasty meals. It has been on a few Tv programmes and gained a Michelin star.

Porthminster Kitchen                                                                 Wharf Rd, Saint Ives TR26 1LG

Situated along the front of the harbour, has a smart design overlooking the harbour bay. It’s food is a lighter cuisine and uses corn is ingredients to make great taste by the sea. “The food combines global flavours using fresh local ingredients and creative cooking.” They also do not cook with dairy or gluten for those worried about dietary needs.

The St.Andrews Street Bistro                                   16 St Andrew’s St, Saint Ives TR26 1AH

The Bistro offers great food, great staff and a good atmosphere. The restaurant is a favourite with the locals with a good location and menu. Some meals may not be up to their usual standard, but other than that is a really great restaurant to go to.

Blas                                                                                         Warren, St. Ives, Cornwall TR26 2EA

Blas is a small burger bar on the edge of town if you head towards the Pend Olva hotel, or the Porthminster beach. It is a great place to get a great burger meal if you are in search of a contender for the best burger in St.Ives.



The Digey                                                                        6 The Digey, St Ives Cornwall TR26 1HR

The Digey Food Room, offers breakfast and lunches, vegetarian friendly, vegan & gluten free options. Takeaways and delicatessen. Servicing freshly cooked food in a calm, modern atmosphere. I had the mushroom quiche on recommendation form the fellow Artist that were joining me for lunch and I have to say it did not disappoint! The best quiche I have ever tasted.

Olives                                                                                             Island Square, St Ives, TR26 1NX 

Olives cafe, situated on Back Road East, next to the Blue Bramble Gallery. Its possible to meander your way up from the harbour to this little friendly cafe, with outside seating during the summer months it’s the perfect setting for an alfresco lunch or afternoon tea. Offering a wide selection of homemade cakes and scones. Best for cream teas.

The Cornish Deli                                                                      3 Chapel street, St. Ives TR26 2LR

The Cornish Deli, adjacent form Barclays Bank. Cafe and delicatessen, offering gluten free options and vegetarian friendly. You can sit in for breakfast, lunch or evening meals during the summer months, take away freshly prepared food, or pop in and buy cheeses, cold meats and artisan foods from their cabinet. All food is sourced locally wherever possible and presented beautifully.

Beach Café

A great stop on the harbour to watch the world pass by with a breath of sea air. It is a lovely refreshing pit stop on your way through town, serving a variety of drinks and sumptuous platters to share or just for you. Next to Just Deserts and the gallery, I thoroughly recommend this restaurant.

Searoom                                                      1, Wharf House, The Wharf, Saint Ives TR26 1PG

Gluten Free

This is a a great cafe, tea room  and restaurant,  serving breakfast, lunch, dinner, cream teas, coffees and cakes. Most things on the menu are available gluten free. With tables and chairs outside, you can have your dog with you. It boasts a harbour front location, looking out towards the Porthminster Beach and carbis bay.

Head along the harbour towards Smeatons pier and you will find this Searoom Cafe towards the end of the wharf.






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St Ives Beach Guide

The beach guide to St.Ives…

The harbour beach is amazing for soaking up the St Ives vibe. Watch the fishing boats returning from their catch and the freedom of the changing skies and tides. Grab a coffee in one of the harbour  front cafes or bars and do some people watching! Sunny corner
or Poets corner famous for the subject of many Art works, located in the corner next to the pier sat above the beach, always reflects the light in the most unusual way.

One of our favourite things to do in spring time, whilst there is still a bite in the air, is to grab a couple of huge blankets, one to lay on the sand, and one to snuggle in.  Pitch up down on the beach, against the harbour wall looking out over to the old Coast Guard Cottages that nestle into the green headland.  We take a flask of something and watch the children seeking for interesting sea life left behind in the rippled sand pools.



 Can’t stress enough how vicious these creatures can be for some lunch or dinner! And please don’t feed them as it motivates them more to take from you.

TOP TIP- Never walk away from the ice cream kiosk carrying ice creams freely keep them shrouded and eat them against a wall or under a brolly!  Watch out for them circling above and calling their pals along to attack you!

Bamaluz Beach

This is a small beach that sits behind Smeatons Pier, at low tide you can walk around the pier to reach it, or nip down the old slip way behind the Harbour Masters Office. Alternatively head
towards the St Ives Museum and there are steps that lead into the beach. Dogs are allowed on this beach all year round, although there is not much beach when th tide high.

Porthgwidden Beach

This is my favourite beach for a family days, secluded by rocks, it is a cove that faces East and can tend to find itself as a bit of a sun trap. There is a beach cafe for take aways and a small terrace with benches. You can purchase ice creams, cold beers and drinks,  sandwiches, chips, salads  and snacks.  The Pothgwidden beach Cafe restaurant sits above the beach cafe kiosk.

There are also a few Beach huts that can be rented out from the beach cafe. Great if you are staying at the top of town and don’t fancy lugging your beach kit back and forth every day! The beach cafe is connected to the Porthgwidden Beach cafe, which has refreshments,beers,wines and of course a variety of food. The crayfish salad is one of my favourites.

At the top of the slipway there are public toilets. Which are easily accessible up the slipway to them. There are also benches to sit on if you don’t want to go on the beach.

The beach has three access points. Going in an anti-clockise motion there is some steep steps coming down into the beach from the green above. The second is a slipway (the main way) which is another steep climb so be careful with a wheelchair or pram. The third is from a private a car park way in which is followed round from Bamaluz beach with only sea and rocks in between.


Porthmeor also known as the surf beach, is the biggest and the best of what St.Ives holds for water sport fun.The kids will love it, as it has the shallow waves close to shore where you can watch them and theres plenty of room to play around in the sand. When there isn’t much surf it may favour them a lot more, than being out in the depths where waves have racked up to be 10ft and above. But thats only on good days usually surf varies from 3ft to 6ft meaning that passion of surfing and bodyboarding can be thoroughly for filled. And don’t worry over evenings when you may be relaxing or having a barbecue you will experience one of the best sunsets that Europe has to offer.

Porthmeor offers a surf school for kids up to adults and also takes bookings for this. So if your on holiday in a group this could be a good activity. However it does offer wetsuits, surfboards and bodyboards if you already know the stuff.

It also has a cafe serving a range of food and drinks if you did’t bring enough. Fitted with toilets for the beach users as well. This beach also has a life guard team during the these times:


Easter school holidays 25 March-10 April
Weekends only 16-24 April
Daily 30 April-25 September
Weekends only 1-16 October
October half term 22- 30 October
Patrol times 10am-6pm

During the summer season you will also nice a build towards one of the ends of the beach and this is a pizza restaurant, with a lot of different bases and toppings. From sourdough bases to your tradition dough base.

Access to the beach can be found by one end closest to the chapel with a slope which is a bit rocky and is the closest assess if you are crossing over from Porthgwidden. The middle access is from the town through a street called The Digey. This is steps down to the main middle area of the beach. About 50 metres further on yo will come to a slipway car access down onto the beach.

The best spot on this beach is a little cove at one end by the chapel side. As you can get sun all day long.


This is a beach just a bit smaller than Porthmeor. It is towards the outskirts of St.Ives, but still only a short walk from town. It is over looked by the Pend Olva hotel which is a good place for a hot chocolate on a rainy day. This beach is similar to the Portgwidden. Its calm and peaceful and happens to be basking in the sun all day long. Better for small children that may not like the waves of Porthmeor.

The beach has toilets just before it and a nice cafe to get food from it if you want to get some. There is also a restaurant if you fancy it. RNLI lifeguard Summer cover daily from 19 May to 30 September.

You can get to this beach from town if you follow the path from the Lifeboat Station, all the way along past the Blas Burger Bar and then the Pend Olva. Through the trees you should be able to see the beach. The path bends round and drops to the beach. Although 5 minutes out of town its a really nice location.

Carbis Bay

Carbis bay is a longer walk from St.Ives but ideal if you don’t want to be caught up in he peak season traffic of the town. It is the next beach on from Portminster, with a direct train route, buses and a 30 minute walk from St.Ives. If your planning on walking I would take the coastal path as it is quicker. Trains you need a ticket and buses you need to wait for the right time. Carbis bay is a perfect view of St.Ives and is another calm sunny beach.

It also has good toilet and cafe facilities and has a restaurant there for food as well. access to this beach is from the main car parking area where you can park and there is a charge to get your which can fluctuate. There is also luxurious hotel which is a great place to stay. Their is another access further up the road and it is a coastal path down which is a steep path that has water running cross it so be careful not to slip! also don’t get out of your depth because there is not a life guard here.


Porthkidney is past the headland of Carbis bay and is a huge expansive beach with amazing natural sand dunes behind it. Dogs are allowed on it all year round and is close to the Hayle side only across the estuary. Dogs will love the beach especially the natural forming pools that the can splash about in. This the beach we take our dogs mostly because of its perfect conditions and the amazing view of St.Ives in the distance.

Porthkidney has many access routes and its fun discovering your own through the dunes each time that you go on a walk there. You can access the main footpath through the path from the Lelant church where there is a small bit of parking. When I say small I mean around 5-6.

There is a life guard at this beach because of its tidal rive and its fast moving tides between Hayle’s beach. The times of the Lifeguard is: RNLI lifeguard Summer cover daily from 7 July to 2 September.


Seasonal dog ban applies: Dogs are banned from the first Sunday before Easter and 30th September on Porthmeor, Porthminster and Porthgwidden. Carbis Bay beach you are allowed between 5am and 8am, still complying with the seasonal dog ban below. You are allowed on the harbour before 8am and after 7pm from the Sunday before Easter until the 30th of September each year.

Wetsuit Hiring 

There are various places in town where you can hire wetsuits from in the sea. We use to normally hire and buy our wetsuits from Off the Beaten Track close to the church end of St.Ives.

The charges daily and weekly are:

D           W

Summer Suits – £5          £25                                                                                                           Winter Suits    – £8          £35

Surfboards are:

Soft boards      – £10        £45                                                                                                  Bodyboard       -£5           £25

And they have said family deals are on offer.




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New holiday letting company comes to St Ives

Ocean Companies Ltd.

Ocean Holidays Cornwall comes to St Ives. Ocean Holidays plugs a hole in the market for holiday lettings. A small yet knowledgeable and friendly, family run business sets to offer a flexible, reliable and honest service.

Ocean Holidays also has it’s own property maintenance team that can take care of properties along-side any building works.

The small family team aims to have a limited amount of properties on their books ensuring the highest standard of customer service.

Cove Chocolate

Cove Cornwall Chocolate company is a delicious, healthy, organic chocolate. It is handmade with interesting flavours. No sugar, and suitable for vegans. Having first handedly tried this chocolate myself I can say the chocolate blends are intriguing and I have never tasted anything quite like it before. The spice combinations are quite unique with many different flavours to try.