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Dogs, you can’t get enough of them, and dog lovers who can’t bare to leave their beloved pets at home, don’t worry as St.Ives has a number of places accepting dogs.

We always take our dogs out with us as we love enjoying time with them and them enjoying themselves. What we do is we take our dogs down to town and walk them around, find a nice coffee shop or somewhere to have lunch. After that we walk them across the harbour but not in high season months because of jurisdictions.

These are the beach times:

Seasonal dog ban applies: Dogs are banned from the first Sunday before Easter and 30th September on Porthmeor, Porthminster and Porthgwidden. Carbis Bay beach you are allowed between 5am and 8am, still complying with the seasonal dog ban below. You are allowed on the harbour before 8am and after 7pm from the Sunday before Easter until the 30th of September each year.

Main places dogs can go

Firehouse – dogs are allowed downstairs and don’t worry you can still have a meal downstairs.

Superdry – a shop on Fore Street


One reason why we brought our dogs to Cornwall was the fact we could go walking with them across the luscious landscape of fields and mystery and the salty sea air of beach walking. If your dog loves walking then this is the place for them. Miles of new smells, footpaths and acres of sand for them to enjoy.

In St.Ives there is a restricted ban on certain beaches due to the popularity of it. In the third paragraph if this text. If we can’t walk the dogs in St.Ives in the high season then we head further round the peninsula where dogs are allowed on at least a miles worth of beach all year round. This beach is Portkidney and so happens has coastal walk from St.Ives to get to it. ( If you do not want to lose your parking space, trust me it will go.) It is a lovely coastal walk going to this beach. You pass Porthminster and Carbis bay until you get to Porthkidney. It is an hours walk of shear beauty. To get the walk started you need to be at the place the Lifeboat is kept, and that slipway is the way you want  to go. You follow this all the way up to the Pend Olva hotel. Pass this to go round the back of Porthminster. At this point there should be a kiosk and  a restaurant. There is some steps ton the right just past this. Head up these steps and make sure you always stay heading away from St.Ives. You should make your way to Carbis bay and what you want to do hear is follow the path through the hotel and make your way up the hill. Near to the top of the hill is a left foot path take this route and don’t take any other route and keep following this foot path round. Going round the headland there should be some marsh land path running parallel with the railway track. As soon as you reach to being at the top of the beach, take any path you like to it or make your own.

Another walk which is a hefty one is the Tin  Miners walk. This was traditionally walked by workers heading to and throw from St.Ives and it is a long a coastal path for seven mile. This walk features some of the most iconic Cornish views heading all the way out to Zennor. To get on the footpath you have to head past the beach of Porthmeor a long the top by the road. You should see a bowls club or pitch and put. Here follow this foot path running parallel with them. Should come a rock in The shape of a mans head this what you need to get whilst following the footpath. Follow the rest of the footpath beyond this and if you do you will make it to Zennor. Zennor has a small pub which you can stop at in preparation for the walk home or if not the bus home that goes through Zennor.






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